Inside buildings

  • Inside buildings
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    • Moscow, «The cultural and sport complex of all-Russian blind society»
    • Moscow, «The Russian training school for guide dogs of all-Russian blind society»
  • QuickFind Group transmiter


    QuickFind Group transmiter — used in a group of up to 5 objects, can use up to 4 additional ringers. Has a ringer itself, which helps find the object it is set up on. Transmi...

  • Additional ringer


    Additional ringer — is used within the group on one of other 4 objects covered by the group transmiter, helps easily find the object it is set up on.

  • SmartGuide


    SmartGuide – end-user device designed for visually impaired and other similar kinds of users.

    Receives data from transmiter...

  • Radio module


    Радиомодуль — устанавливается на одном из объектов. К нему можно подключить до 4-х дополнительных звукоизлучателей, устанавливаемых на других рядом расположенных объектах. Пе...