1st Scientific Conference dedicated to challenges experienced by blind-deaf people


April 16, 2015, Moscow, Russia

1st large-scale scientific conference called “Blind-Deaf people — experience, tasks, perspectives” organized by the Soedinenie, Blind-Deaf support foundation was held on April 15 to 16, 2015 in Moscow. Leading experts on blind-deaf assistive technologies and their integration from Russia and various countries discussed various issues and solutions aimed to improve their life experience.

At the round table talks on technical solutions for rehabilitation, held within the conference, Maria Romashova, Director of the “Speaking City” project, made a presentation on complex solutions for blind-deaf people’s navigation inside buildings and following certain routes based on modernized Speaking City system.

The main goal of this very important project is to increase safety, create barrier-free environment for these people who need help with navigating more than anyone else, to link the worlds of blind-deaf and the rest of the people, to create a solution that helps them realize their abilities and integrate into society.

Our modernized system cons ists of speech, sound and tactile signals, which will be around and will help them find their way to a certain object. navigate in urban environment and on public transport, for instance, help them find schools, hospitals, post offices, bus stops, as well as identify and board public transport.